Fri 21 - Thu 27 October 2011 Portland, Oregon, United States

Introduction, Welcome, and Agenda

Come in, get settled, make some friends, and learn about the day to come.

Sponsor Talks

Get started with a word from our sponsors. You will learn about their "big data" tools, products and services and how you'll be able to use them during the Hackathon.

Idea Pitches

If you would like to lead or to be part of a team at the hackathon, come prepared with a brief (2 minute maximum) pitch for your concept. Feel free to propose a "boil the ocean" project, but make sure that you can have something up and running to demonstrate by the evening.

Team Formation

Now that you've made a pitch of your own and have heard the other pitches, it is time to form into teams for the day.

Hack Time

Plan to spend most of your day hacking - making a plan, designing an architecture, writing the code, and putting a good demo together.

We’ll have lunch and some snacks along the way.

Team Demos

Here's your chance to show off your work. Each team will have 3-5 minutes to demo their big data hack to the audience.


The judges will retreat to their secret lair and will choose the top 3 hacks.