Fri 21 - Thu 27 October 2011 Portland, Oregon, United States


An upward shift in abstraction leads to a corresponding increase in productivity. In the past this has occurred when programming languages have evolved towards a higher level of abstraction. Today, domain-specific languages provide a viable solution for continuing to raise the level of abstraction beyond coding, making development faster and easier.

In domain-specific modeling (DSM), the models are constructed using concepts that represent things in the application domain, not concepts of a given programming language. The modeling language follows the domain abstractions and semantics, allowing developers to perceive themselves as working directly with domain concepts. Together with frameworks and platforms, DSM can automate a large portion of software production.

Some possible topics for submission to the workshop include:

  • Industry/academic experience reports
  • Creation of metamodel-based languages
  • Novel approaches for code generation from domain-specific models
  • Evolution of languages
  • Metamodeling frameworks and languages
  • Tools for supporting DSMs

Url http://www.dsmforum.org/events/DSM11/