Fri 21 - Thu 27 October 2011 Portland, Oregon, United States

In today’s global economy, innovation through technology is a key driver for a sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. Siemens as a global player possesses a tremendous portfolio of innovative technologies. In an effort to highlight some of these technologies, Siemens has organized an Internet-based event for selected industrial partners. The event comprised a virtual world showcasing five technological innovation areas, including video-based requirements engineering (VBRE). Attendees were connected to the virtual tradeshow and could visit manned booths, choose which technology presentation to attend, and even follow a guided tour.

The film we present shows VBRE immersed in a virtual world where the avatars of participants are guided in a tour, can interact with the technology, and experience the effects in real-time. A presenter first gives an introductory talk along with animated slides explaining key technology elements. During the tour, questions are asked by participants and answered by the presenter akin to following a tour guide in a museum. The avatars then interact with the virtual objects from the demonstrated VBRE technology. The film shows all of these aspects and in particular demonstrates how several different technologies are harmoniously brought together.